Saturday, August 20, 2011

Intex 56621

4000 Gallon Intex Filter Pump ONLY Intex 56621. I have an 18' pool, this is my third year and the original pump just gave up. I ordered this pump and WOW, I'm vacuuming in 10 minutes the ENTIRE pool, counting the stops to clear the net. I live in Florida in a rural zone and in previous years if I forgot to chlorinate two times during a HOT week, GREEN water! Now I just turn the pump twice a week two hours (once with the nozzle up and the other nozzle down before I vacuum) and chlorinate once a week, crystal clear water. I did not use the valves it came with as my pool was full, but I used the output filter it comes with, it is just great. Aim the nozzle up, and the water ACTUALLY comes out in the air and back in the pool, so long algae! (only people ... Designed for Intex pools w/ 6000 gallons capacity and larger pool with 1-1/2" hose connections 1 Intex 56621 year Intex factory warranty only. Not recommended for non-intex pools due to possible compatibility issues Brand new with factory warranty filter pump only, 1 filter cartridge, owners manual . » Read more...

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